Septic System & Non Hazardous Liquid Waste Disposal Services by Central Jersey Septic

Central Jersey Septic is a leading provider of commercial liquid waste disposal in NJ to many industrial and facilities. An experienced staff of trained professionals providing septic maintenance, septic inspections, and septic repairs to your onsite wastewater system ensures that your business will operate smoothly. Central Jersey Septic offers attractive rates on septic tank pumping and septic cleaning to many areas of New Jersey including Middlesex County, Union County, Essex County, Mercer County and Monmouth County.


    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Medical Facilities
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Processing Plants
    • Shopping Malls
    • Hotels/Motels
    • Schools
    • Modular Home Communities
    • Vehicle Washing Facilities

Your onsite waste treatment system represents a significant investment which you should protect. With proper operation and regular maintenance/pumping from CJS, your system will function much more efficiently and have a longer lifespan. Although many business owners in NJ would like to overlook their septic tank, it is far too important to neglect.

Grease Trap / Grease Interceptor Cleaning
Restaurants, school kitchens, etc. have grease traps to prevent oils, fats and grease from entering a septic or public wastewater collection system. Maintenance should be conducted about every two weeks for smaller interceptors and quarterly for larger interceptors.

Septic Installation - Grease Trap

Bulk Liquid Waste Hauling
Central Jersey Septic is dedicated to delivering reliable, professional service to New Jersey commercial and industrial entities in need of affordable non-hazardous liquid waste removal/disposal.

Bulk Waste Hauling Equipment

Septic System Maintenance
Your onsite waste treatment system represents a significant investment, which you should protect. With proper care and routine preventative maintenance, your system will function much more efficiently, and in most cases, have a longer lifespan.

Septic System Installation and Maintenance

Septic System Repairs
Large or small, CJS possess the knowledge and equipment to properly repair all problems that are recognized during routine maintenance or after a business notices one or many warning signs of a failing septic system.

Septic Installation and Repair

Septic System Installations
Our number one concern is building a top quality septic system that will meet your demands, not our bottom line. Experienced professionals installing your septic system in NJ combined with the use of the finest materials ensure this standard is upheld.

Septic System Installation

Septic System Decommissioning
If your business’ septic system / septic tank needs to be decommissioned or removed for a variety of reasons such as being hooked up to municipal sewer system, demolition of structures on property or the septic tank reaching the end of its lifespan, CJS treats your project as though it was our own.

Septic System Installation and Decommissioning